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Viagra: The Opinion of “Healthy” Men

We spoke with eight men without any sexual dysfunction who decided to try a drug to increase potency. They took Viagra at a dosage of 50 mg, and this is what they say about the effect of Viagra. Bob, forty-five years old, reports that Viagra “works just great!”. And here is what his wife Betty said: “It’s a sin to complain about this remedy!”

Americans Agree The US Health Care System Should Be Reformed

We figured out how healthcare works in the United States, what problems it has, and how some politicians propose to change the system. On a September evening in 2021, Lora Laflamme went with her friends to a bar in their native Laredo, Texas. When she was standing near the counter, a fight broke out in the establishment. One of the participants in the brawl launched a bottle at another man…

Drugmakers Raised Their Prices in the USA: How to Make Money on It

American drug manufacturers have raised prices again. This will have a positive effect on the income of companies and attract investors. Analysts have advised which pharmacist to choose for the investment. US drug manufacturers have inflated the prices of popular drugs. In 2021, 20 US companies have raised the cost of more than 40 prescription drugs by an average of 13.1%, The Wall Street Journal reported. Despite criticism from the…