Partnership for a Healthier World

Health Literacy Partnerships, Awareness and Education

Partnership for Clear Health Communication

Pfizer has joined healthcare leaders in introducing the first solution-oriented program to tackle the health literacy problem. For more information on this exciting partnership to address low health literacy, please see the following:

Partnership with the American Medical Association Foundation
Pfizer supports key components of an ongoing initiative to both raise health professionals’ awareness and understanding of the impact of health literacy upon patient outcomes and to improve provider : patient communication.

National Health Literacy Conference
For the latest information on Pfizer’s Sixth National Health Literacy Conference, “Key Advances in Health Literacy: Models for Action,” please visit the conference site.

The National Health Council’s Health Literacy Training

Pfizer and the Pfizer Foundation are providing support to the National Health Council to conduct training sessions on health literacy for voluntary health organizations. During 2002, more than 90 individuals representing over 30 voluntary health organizations and associations learned best practices and were provided with new tools to help them better communicate with their respective patient populations