Partnership for a Healthier World

Public Health Partnerships

Pfizer’s commitment to the public health community may be unique among pharmaceutical companies for its focus on innovative and productive partnerships that support a range of research projects; education and communication programs; training and professional development efforts; as well as initiatives that can further broaden the scope of health care for various populations.

We believe that perhaps the most significant contribution that Pfizer can make to the field of public health and disease prevention is to help professionals develop the broadest view possible of the interconnections between public health goals, clinical practice, and other facets of the health care delivery system. Among our expanded efforts to support those working in the field, we are funding research in public health disciplines such as clinical epidemiology and infectious diseases. Additionally, we hope to encourage the pursuit of broadened career development opportunities by future professionals in the field.


  • Pfizer Scholars Grants in Clinical Epidemiology
  • Pfizer Fellowships in Infectious Diseases
  • Pfizer Fellowship in Health Disparities

Training and Professional Development

  • The Pfizer Scholar Grants in Public Health
  • Advancing Healthy Populations: The Pfizer Guide to Careers in Public Health
  • Centers for Disease Control Foundation Epidemiology Field Experience Elective
  • National Institutes of Health Clinical Research Training Program
  • Pfizer Practicum Rotation in Health Policy and Preventive Medicine at the American College of Preventive Medicine
  • Advancing the Healthy People 2010 Objectives Through Community-Based Education: A Curriculum Planning Guide