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Public Health Books

The Faces of Public Health (HTML / PDF)
The Faces of Public Health celebrates the achievements of those working in their field. The Faces of Public Health profiles 25 people from across the United States who are making tangible efforts to improve the health and safety of their communities. The book portrays the daily work of people in the trenches, making a difference in their communities. These people work in state, city and county health departments and in other branches of government, as well as in clinics, hospitals and non-profit organizations. From emergency preparedness to farm safety awareness to pro bono mental health services, the book fully demonstrates the diversity of the field and offers a glimpse in to the myriad career opportunities available in public health.

The Pfizer Guide to Careers in Public Health (HTML / PDF)
The Pfizer Guide to Careers in Public Health inspires pursuit of work in public health and provides a practical resource for making the most of potential opportunities across a broad range of career choices. Critical topics include: health policy and management; epidemiology; oral health; family health; environmental health; public health preparedness; international and global health; and more. In all, this guide offers 33 information-packed chapters featuring practice experiences and thoughtful essays by leaders in many areas of the public health field.

Milestones in Public Health (English – HTML / PDF)
Milestones in Public Health describes eleven public health milestones in the 20th century. Each chapter outlines the history behind the milestone, a case study, a vignette and a reflection on the future challenges that lay ahead in each topic area.

Moments in Leadership (HTML / PDF)
Moments in Leadership: Case Studies in Public Health Policy and Practice focuses on the role of public health leadership in influencing health policy, particularly with respect to issues in health and healthcare that intersect at the boundaries of science, behavior, culture, and society. Moments In Leadership is the newest addition to Pfizer’s public health library of books that focus on raising awareness of and interest in the field of public health.

Caring Physicians of the World (English – HTML / PDF Spanish – HTML / PDF)
This book was edited and published by the World Medical Association (WMA) supported by Pfizer and tells the unique stories about 65 physicians in 58 countries selected by their National Medical Association colleagues. Dr Yank Coble, past president, WMA, explains: “All are heroes, many are unsung heroes, and all exemplify, despite their enormously disparate environments and circumstances, the three fundamental and enduring traditions of the medical profession, caring, ethics and science”.