Partnership for a Healthier World

News - Part 2

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A Day of Understanding

Did you know that literacy skills are a stronger predictor of an individual’s health status than age, income, employment status, education level, or racial/ethnic group? WASHINGTON, D.C. — Continuing with Pfizer’s long history of responding to societal issues and the company’s dedication to ongoing research and providing solutions for the health literacy problem, Pfizer is serving as the initial convener of the Partnership for Clear Health Communication. The Partnership, a…

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Pfizer Releases Latest in Healthcare Career Guide Series

Interested in a career in health care? Let the Pfizer Guide be your guide! PHILADELPHIA – For the past 20 years, PPG External Relations has been producing guides for health-related careers. The latest guide entitled Advancing Healthy Populations: The Pfizer Guide to Careers in Public Health, was introduced recently at the American Public Health Association’s 130th Annual Meeting & Exposition in Philadelphia. Advancing Health Populations is the fourth in a…

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PFIZER JOINS WITH UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA, AGENCY FOR HEALTH CARE ADMINISTRATION TO STUDY BENEFITS OF PATIENT HEALTH CARE INFORMATION TAMPA, FLORIDA, JUNE 24, 2002 – Pfizer Inc today announced the launch of the Florida Health Literacy Study, a two-year program designed to assess the effect of the company’s disease education programs for patients with high blood pressure and/or diabetes. The study will be conducted by researchers at the University…